Monday, October 8, 2007

Pumpkin's Halloween

Pumpkin's Ellie

I did a super job on this picture. And the tree is really spooky and it is blue. This little jack o' lantern is sitting on a tree stump. And the night, I made stars wearing pants. And the sky is really, really black. And I did, on the bottom, color the stems of the pumpkins because it didn't have stems. And I found this really pretty green crayon for the grass. I like this pumpkin's picture because I colored it really good and I wrote my name! The End!!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Rain Picture

This is a girl with an umbrella. She is pregnant with a baby. She was out in the rain because it was raining that day. She got her umbrella from the toy store and her little daugther has one too. She was walking to her car to go to the hospital and she had to go in a very special bed and she went to the store when she was going to be done with her baby. And the store was called Target. And her girl was going to have very special helpers when the baby comes. And the babies name was Aston. And the mom's helper was named Kara. She had her house all decorated and Kara had to take care of the house while the mom was in the hospital. The End